Back in the Game Campaign

Fundraiser & National Grant Challenge

All Kids Play is pleased to share the details of our Back in the Game Fundraiser and National Grant Challenge.

African American boy youth athlete on playing baseball with glove on baseball field

The Challenge

As more people get vaccinated and with youth sports programs operating in underserved communities in accordance with local and state health guidelines, families in these communities are facing significant financial challenges to get their kids back into youth sports.

These challenges exist across the United States. In fact, 56% of youth sports parents making less than $50k annually do not expect their kids to resume sports at the same or higher level as before the pandemic, largely driven by financial reasons.

The Program

The Back in the Game Fundraiser is aimed at raising funds to enable All Kids Play to identify and award through our National Grant Challenge at least one youth sports grant to a financially disadvantaged family in each of the 50 states. These are uniquely challenging times. All Kids Play believes that an ambitious national strategy is required to meet the needs of our nation’s disadvantaged youth.

Asian youth male athlete hockey player with mask, stick and gear on hockey rink ice

The Goal

The ultimate goal of the Back in the Game Fundraiser is to ensure that the kids helped through All Kids Play’s National Grant Challenge not only get back in the game, but thrive as student-athletes for years to come with sustained engagement in high-quality sports programs with the support of their parent(s), coaches, teammates and All Kids Play.

All Kids Play will also continue working nationally to help more and more kids throughout the U.S. All Kids Play knows that youth sports involvement can be an extremely effective platform to ensure future life success.

How It Works

All Kids Play will deploy the generous contributions from our donors toward identifying and awarding youth sports grants in each of all 50 states to a financially disadvantaged family that shares All Kids Play’s views regarding the importance of high-quality youth sports experiences in youth development. We’ll track our progress with the interactive map above and share success stories of the kids and families we are helping on our Success Stories page.

Girl youth sports wrestler on wrestling mat warming up

How You Can Help

You can help kids across the U.S. get Back in the Game by making a contribution at our Donate page. 

Every dollar helps a child in need access a high quality youth sports experience!

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