Bounce Back Campaign

We Will Bounce Back
Fundraiser & Sports Ball Giveaway

African American girl with mask during pandemic with a basketball

The Challenge

As a result of the pandemic, organized sports activities are running in limited fashion or not at all in underserved communities. The winter months will likely result in even more limitations. Kids in these communities are suffering physically, mentally and emotionally. Their parents are hurting financially. In fact, 56% of youth sports parents making less than $50k annually do not expect their kids to resume sports at the same or higher level as before the pandemic, largely driven by financial reasons.

The Program

The We Will Bounce Back Fundraiser is aimed at raising funds to enable All Kids Play to purchase and give away sports balls with skill drill and play activity handouts to keep kids active in underserved communities across the Chicagoland area while stuck at home this winter. You can help by going to our Donate page to contribute. Just a $25 donation will put a ball in the hands of two kids. We will then work to get these kids into sports activities through our youth sports grant program once play resumes.

The Goal

The ultimate goal of The We Will Bounce Back Fundraiser is to not simply give away sports balls. Rather, we are focused on building long-term relationships with the most disadvantaged families in the Chicagoland area that have student-athletes that want to play sports, but struggle with financial challenges. These families will benefit from a youth sports financial grant provided by All Kids Play once sports resume, and their student-athletes will benefit from sustained engagement in high-quality sports activities for years to come. We believe that youth sports involvement can be an extremely effective platform to ensure future life success.

African American youth boy soccer playing dribbling the ball during practice alone

How It Works

All Kids Play is hosting sports ball giveaway events throughout October, November, and December in North Chicago, Zion, communities across the South Side of Chicago, and other underserved communities throughout Chicagoland. Each youth-athlete will receive either a soccer ball or basketball, as much can be done with these balls in small spaces during the winter months. Suggested skill drill and play activity handouts will be provided with the balls. Families will provide contact information for the purposes of staying connected with All Kids Play throughout the winter and potentially being considered for a sports grant in the future. In fact, All Kids Play is already working closely with these communities to ensure that their post-pandemic sports programs will be as successful as possible!

How You Can Help

Just $25 gets a soccer ball or basketball into the hands of two kids.? You can help by donating!

You can also follow us on social media for the latest updates.

African American little boy basketball player shooting a basketball at a playground