Safe & Healthy Play

Safe and Healthy Play Educational Resources

Kids want to learn and have fun playing sports. Trying their best, coaches treating players with respect, and playing well together as a team are some of the things they find most fun about playing sports. Parents want a safe and healthy playing environment for their kids to experience all of these things.

At All Kids Play, we are committed to helping create a safe and healthy youth sports environment by providing educational materials focused on Motivation and Life Skills Education as well as Health and Nutrition Education. We have searched far and wide for impactful resources to help coaches, parents and athletes learn about safe and healthy play, which we believe will help create a high quality youth sports experience and keep kids in the game longer.

We currently recognize that we are living in unprecedented times. All Kids Play encourages all stakeholders to consult federal, state and local regulations and guidance to make informed decisions about participation in youth sports in light of the pandemic.

All Kids Play is not affiliated with, sponsored by or endorsed by any of the third parties identified in these educational resources.

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