Every day, we transform lives through sports.

We get more kids in the game by helping families and communities in need pay for registration fees, equipment, uniforms, and other associated costs through our grant program.

We help keep kids in the game by facilitating high quality sports experiences through our education program for coaches, parents and athletes, which focuses on effective motivation techniques to sustain engagement, life skills, and health and nutrition, to include injury prevention and the benefits of multi-sport play.

Latinx Porfirio family with two youth sports boy brothers soccer players that play for Barcelona Academy in Chicago Illinois with All Kids Play youth sports financial assistance grant

Meet the
Porfirio Brothers

The Porfirio family is from Hoffman Estates, IL. They are a hard-working Midwest family, but they unfortunately encountered some recent financial challenges as is the case with many families all across the U.S.

Their sons Benni and Luis love playing soccer.

The Porfirio family approached All Kids Play for assistance in keeping Benni and Luis enrolled in their soccer program. All Kids Play was pleased to provide help to keep the Porfirio boys in the game! The soccer program has also done an excellent job providing virtual training during the shutdown so that the Porfirio boys can continue to stay active. 

All Kids Play is proudly supporting the Porfirio family.