Meet the Newfield Little League

Getting the kids of East Bridgeport in the game!

All Kids Play was approached by the non-profit Newfield Little League Baseball in East Bridgeport, Connecticut for support in connection with their inaugural little league season in their financially disadvantaged community. East Bridgeport has some of the state’s highest unemployment and lowest per capita income. Newfield’s short-term goal was maximum participation since there are hundreds of kids in East Bridgeport that have either not been exposed to baseball or haven’t had the financial means to play. All Kids Play was able to step up to the plate to help launch the inaugural season which has been a great success. Now that the league has been launched, All Kids Play and Newfield Little League Baseball are focused on sustaining the league long-term to provide a high-quality little league baseball program with coaches that are not only teaching the game of baseball but are also equipping the student-athletes with life skills that will benefit the kids far beyond the baseball diamond.