North Chicago Archery

All Kids Play helped bring archery to North Chicago!

North Chicago is a community in which 89% of students qualify as low income and has been hit hard economically during the pandemic. It is difficult for families to pay for more mainstream sports like basketball and football, so trying something new and different is often times financially out of reach. One of All Kids Play’s initiatives is to encourage kids to sample multiple sports. When one of the Foss Park District staff members called to say they were trying to launch the sport of archery for kids in North Chicago, but most couldn’t afford the class, All Kids Play was thrilled to help bring this unique sports offering to the community.

The program was led by a nationally-recognized archery instructor. Archery requires focus and patience. It also facilitates a growth mindset and boosts self-confidence. The archery mindset applied to the classroom setting for young archers can have tremendous positive synergistic effect leading to greater scholastic success. With ongoing limitations and restrictions related to the pandemic, archery can also be done safely with social distance and minimal athlete interaction.