Meet the Hmong College Prep Academy Badminton Team

Getting Hmong College Prep students back in the game!

Hmong College Preparatory Academy Badminton Team with All Kids Play youth sports financial assistance grant

The Hmong College Preparatory Academy is a public charter school in St. Paul, Minnesota in which 81% of students come from low-income families, many of them immigrant families working extremely hard to overcome financial setbacks created by the pandemic. After the loss of their badminton coach and the pandemic impacting sports, HCPA was not able to field a badminton team the past few years. Badminton is an extremely popular sport among the HCPA community and is a source of pride among the student population and their families. With a resurgence of interest from the student body, the school worked hard to get this program back up and running. However, due to much of the athletic department’s budget being diverted to help with COVID-19 measures, the team couldn’t afford uniforms for the season, nor could the students gather to conduct fundraising due to the pandemic. All Kids Play was thrilled to be able to help this school restart their badminton program by providing funding for uniforms. We are so happy to see these kids be able to play again and provide a source of immense pride within the community at a time when they needed it most.