Meet Serenity

Keeping Serenity in gymnastics!

Serenity has beaten the odds and shown her passion and talent for gymnastics in a short period of time. She began recreational gymnastics in September of 2020 in the middle of the pandemic. In less than 6 months time, she went up 3 levels and is already considered a level 3 / 4 gymnast! She was encouraged by her coaches to try out for the local AAU team in and got invited to join the USA gymnastics sanctioned Xcel team! Due to the pandemic, Serenity’s income-restricted family is down to one income. Serenity is 13 years old and her time is now. She has expressed to her mother that nothing has ever made her happier than gymnastics. Serenity wants to compete and use her gymnastics to get a scholarship to college. She dreams of making it to the Olympics. When the family reached out to All Kids Play for assistance to enable Serenity to compete on the gymnastics team at her gym, All Kids Play was all in.