Meet Renee

All Kids Play is proudly supporting this family!

Renee and her sister Olivia come from a single-parent home. Currently, they are homeless. Renee’s mom is disabled and is on permanent disability. As a result of a limited income and lack of affordable housing, Renee, Olivia and their mom move between living in housing shelters, hotels/motels subsidized by shelter programs, and friends’ houses.

Renee is a 16 year old honor roll student taking advanced school courses while improving her tennis skills with a high-quality junior tennis program in New York which is known for its development of at-risk youth. Renee credits the tennis program in helping her increase her self confidence to overcome a speech problem and helping reduce her need for a 504 plan at school. In addition to her busy academic schedule and tennis, Renee is a mentor and tutor to children at one of the homeless shelters. The tennis program director says that Renee not only consistently improves her tennis skills but she is also a respectful team player and a leader.

Renee has been playing tennis with the program for four years thanks to scholarships received in the past through the program. Due to financial losses associated with the COVID pandemic, scholarships are not currently available through the tennis program.

When the family reached out to All Kids Play for support, All Kids Play was pleased to step up and help. The All Kids Play grant is allowing Renee to continue playing the sport she has grown up playing and loves.