Meet Polar Wrestling Club

Uplifting the Minneapolis community through wrestling!

The pandemic made 2020 a very difficult year. It was particularly challenging for the Minneapolis community following the death of George Floyd.

Minneapolis is resilient. The weather demands this of the local residents. Polar Wrestling Club is no exception. Working with kids in grades K-12, Polar Wrestling Club utilizes wrestling to prepare financially disadvantaged student-athletes for life. Although rich in terms of a high-quality volunteer wrestling coaching staff, Polar Wrestling has significant financial needs to enable their small non-profit youth wrestling club to keep providing high-quality programming to their at-risk student-athletes.

When Polar Wrestling reached out to All Kids Play to provide financial support to Polar Wrestling for registration fees and uniforms, All Kids Play was eager to help. Polar Wrestling views wrestling as an ideal tool for self-improvement which in turn leads to high-performing individuals in the community. All Kids Play is pleased to play a role in uplifting the Minneapolis community.

Check out these videos to learn more!