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Our Mission

Active kids do better in life. They are more likely to excel in school, succeed in work and have less health issues. Sports are a powerful way to keep kids active and teach valuable life lessons, yet fewer kids are playing and staying in the game.

Our mission is to increase quality youth sports participation by providing financial assistance to families and communities that lack sufficient resources and provide education on safe and healthy sports-related play.

Our Work

We believe that every kid who wants to play a sport should get to play a sport. Cost should never be a barrier to participation. We get more kids in the game by helping families and communities in need pay for registration fees, equipment, uniforms, and other associated costs through our grant program.

We also believe that kids are more likely to continue playing when they have a safe, healthy, and positive youth sports experience. We help keep kids in the game by educating coaches, parents and athletes on effective motivational techniques to sustain engagement, life skills, and health and nutrition, to include injury prevention and the benefits of multi-sport play.

African American boy youth sports soccer players in a huddle happy to be part of a team